What is a lan world in minecraft

LAN Games A local area network (LAN) game is a type of multiplayer game that allows other people in your local network (i.e. just the people connected to your router/switch) to join a Minecraft world. Players over the internet cannot connect unless other workarounds (such as port forwarding or Hamachi) are set up. Java Edition Hosting a LAN server

Now the other players must start the Minecraft game, making sure before everyone is connected to the same network. They will press the “Multiplayer” button, wait for the system to search for the games, and first press “Lan World” and then Click on “Enter the Server”.

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Official Site: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-java-edition/creative-mode/363474-what-is-a-lan-world-and-how-does-it-works

Minecraft: ZambehTV a LAN world is a world that people can join in your house…. it’s kind of like system link on a console game but LAN means Local Area Network or something like that and when you set it up people on your network can join your game #5 Aug 25, 2012 Suprememessage View User Profile View Posts Send Message Zombie Killer

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FWI, you must have another person on your internet network for LAN to work. Step 1: Open Minecraft. Step 2: Go in singleplayer (multiplayer is automatically a LAN world with hundreds of strangers) Step 3: Open the world you want to play with other people. Step 4: Press the key you use to show the dock (usually the esc key)with Options, the Save …

*UPDATED* [1.18] How To Join a Minecraft LAN Server With Friends (Windows and Mac) Video Answer

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