Is minecraft bedrock and windows 10 the same

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I just recently got a pc and I used to play on Xbox, all my friends are on Xbox and I still want to play with them, I saw online that Minecraft java edition cannot crossplay but bedrock can, I went on Best Buy and I am about to buy the Minecraft starter collection for windows, aka the windows 10 edition just with some extra items, if I buy this will I be able to play with Xbox?

Are Minecraft windows 10 and Minecraft bedrock the same thing

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Sort by: best. Yes, they’re the same. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition was the former title of Bedrock Edition for the universal Windows 10 platform developed by Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios.

Is bedrock edition the same as windows 10 edition : Minecraft

yes and no. "Windows 10 Edition" is Bedrock Edition. However "Bedrock Edition" is not necessarily Windows 10. Bedrock is on: Windows 10, xbox, playstation, nintendo, phones, tablets, etc etc etc. Java is on: Windows (7-10), linux, mac. although you can play Java on a Windows 10 system, "Windows 10 Edition" of Minecraft is Bedrock Edition.

What Version of Minecraft Should You Buy? (Java, Windows 10, Bedrock, etc.) Video Answer

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