How to use world edit minecraft

To set your slabs at the top or bottom, you need to use // (command) (type of slab) [ type=top/bottom/double]. The ‘ (command)’ and ‘ (type of slab)’ is the same as the waterlogged option. But the ‘ [ type=top/bottom/double]’ option will tell the game where you want to slab to be.

To use worldedit you will need to know how to use it. Firstly, do ‘//wand’ to get the worldedit wand. Left-click the blocks for the 1st position, and right-click for the 2nd position. ‘//set [block]’ will set your positions to a certain block. If you want it to be 2 or more blocks do ‘//set [block], [block].etc’ To set it as walls do ‘//walls [blocks]’

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