How to use commands to remove blocks in minecraft

If you want to clear all the dropped items within a specific radius, use the “/kill @e [type=item, r=x]” command. You’ll need to replace x with the number of blocks you want to clear. For instance, “/kill @e [type=item, r=10]” will clear all the dropped items in a 10-block radius.

I’m gonna just keep this short and say yep. Use – /fill [X1] [Y1] [Z1] [X2] [Y2] [Z2] [Block To Remove] replace air

Is there a command to remove all of one type of block in …

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Hence, specific remove commands lead to deleting blocks in minecraft. /remove block > The player can use this command to deteriorate the blocks or an individual block. The same case happens by using this command: "/setblock air. Perhaps some differences will appear after using this command.

Minecraft Remove Block Command –

The Remove Command. If WorldEdit is installed on your servers, you can use the remove command similar to the kill command. The command is "/remove items ," which will remove all the dropped items in the given radius. For instance, if you type "/ remove items 100," it’ll clear all dropped items within 100 blocks.

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How to remove/delete Minecraft blocks?

So the main take away is that to remove/delete minecraft blocks you have to place air. This is only a suggestion: you could turn into creative mode and then mine them, or you could use a command to delete them but idk that command. using "/remove block <x> <y> <z>>", the block will disappear.

What is the command to remove a certain block from my inventory?

What Is The Command To Remove A Certain Block From My … In Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12, the syntax to clear items from a player’s inventory is: /clear [targets] [item] [data] [maxCount] [dataTag] Definitions targets is optional.

Is there a way to disable the command block when in spectator?

If yes, there is another trick up my sleeve. This will disable the command block when you are in spectator. 5, simply fly into the command block and use the setblock command on step 2 without changing any parameters and the command block will cease to exist. 6, It is now safe to go back to creative and to change the gamerule back.

How do you fill water blocks with air in Minecraft?

Press the Enter key to run the command. Once the cheat has been entered, all water blocks in the fill range will be replaced with air blocks. You will see the message " 1640 blocks filled " appear in the lower left corner of the game window to indicate that the fill command has completed.

How To Execute The Fill/Remove Command in Minecraft Bedrock Video Answer

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