How to set up modded minecraft server 1.16.5

Forge 1.16.5 will then download. Now that you have Forge downloaded, create a folder on your desktop called ‘Forge Server 1.16.5’. Next, right-click on the Forge file you downloaded, click ‘open…

1) Download and install Forge server. The first step to setting up a Minecraft modded server is to download the Forge server software from the official website, found here. After downloading it …

How to create a modded minecraft server | Minecraft …

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To add a mod, send it to the minecraft/mods directory. Go to the management panel. Click Fichiers & FTP. Go to the minecraft/mods directory. Restart your Minecraft server. To connect to the server, you must install the mod on your Minecraft client. Here, the forge mod is now installed on your server. If there is an issue within the previous procedure:

How to create a Minecraft modded server?

How To Make A Modded Minecraft Server in 1.16.5 (Forge Server 1.16.5) Video Answer

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