How to reinstall minecraft without losing worlds

Xbox One Bedrock With Saves. Run your Xbox and press the Xbox key on your controller. Navigate to “My Games and Apps,” then find Minecraft. Press the Menu (Start) key on your controller. From the menu, select “Uninstall.”. Your saves should stay in the cloud storage if you’re using Xbox Live. Go …

Now if it isnt already go to this path = C:Users [Users name here]AppDataRoaming. Next click on folder labeled .minecraft open that and then open folder called saves. Your saved games will be in there just move them wherever you want. Hope this helps and if you need pictures ill be happy to add this to my post.

How to delete and reinstall Minecraft without losing and …

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How to delete and reinstall Minecraft without losing and save game/world data on Playstation 4What is up everybody and welcome to my channel.My name is ZWGam…

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How to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall Minecraft?

Follow the steps below to delete and reinstall the game: Before starting the uninstallation process, keep in mind that you shouldn’t delete the Minecraft Launcher. Launch your File Manager and open the “.minecraft” folder. Right-click the “saves” folder and select “Copy,” then save it to a safe location away from the “.minecraft” folder.

Can I reinstall Minecraft without losing my progress?

When reinstalling Minecraft, you can quickly backup your saved games so that you don’t lose any of your progress. Leave the Launcher alone. You don’t need to delete the EXE file that you use to launch Minecraft, as it will be used to download the files again when you reinstall.

How do I uninstall Minecraft without losing data?

This should delete Minecraft without saving your data. Reinstall Minecraft PE from the Google Play Store. On your phone, tap and hold the Minecraft app icon. Once it starts wiggling, tap the minus icon and confirm your action. This should uninstall the game without saving your data.

How do I reinstall Minecraft on my Nintendo Switch?

To do that and reinstall the game, follow the steps below: In the main menu, highlight Minecraft, then press the “+” key on your Switch to open game Settings. From the left sidebar, select “Save Data Cloud,” then select a user and confirm your action.

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