How to load a world into minecraft

To locate this on a Windows computer, press the ‘start’ button and type in ‘downloads’ in the search bar right above the ‘start’ button. Then, click on the ‘download’ folder. 3 Find just the world you just downloaded. If you downloaded the world and its in a compressed file like WinRAR or 7zip, you need to open it up by double-clicking on the file.

Move the folder containing the Resource Pack into the folder named resourcepacks. Start Minecraft: Java Edition. Go to Options > Resource Packs and move the desired Resource Pack to the Selected column. Go back to the main menu and then to Singleplayer. Select the world you just installed and then select Play Selected World.

Sideloading Worlds into Minecraft: Java Edition – Home

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HOW TO ADD WORLD TO YOUR MINECRAFT: Step 1: Download the world. Step 2: Copy the .zip file. Step 3: Open Minecraft. Step 4: On login screen, hit the "Options" button. Step 5: Hit the link next to "Game location on disk". Step 6: When you’re at the location of the game, click on the "saves" folder. Step 7: Paste the .zip file into the saves folder.

How to Download a Minecraft World : 4 Steps

Step 4: Where Do You Put It? You will see the folder saves so open it and put what you extracted and search for the world in minecraft! Your Done!

How to Import Worlds in Minecraft PC Video Answer

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