How to edit minecraft server name

I’m setting up a minecraft server for just myself and friends. I’m using the official server (on windows) from I got it all up and working but I’m curious how to change the Server Name. It looks like before 1.8.1 you could just add servername=my server to the file, but now that doesn’t seem to work. Googling …

From there you simply enter in what you want to name the server and then click save. Select the server you plan to rename, you will then be directed to the server details page. Locate the Name entry field …

How To Change Your Minecraft Server Name – Apex Hosting

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Learn how to change the title of your Minecraft server.Start Your Server: are able to change the name of your Minecraft …

How to change your MineCraft server name – YouTube

In this video I show you how to change your MineCraft server name.

How To Format/Color Your Minecraft Server MOTD (Minecraft Formatting and Color Codes) Video Answer

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