How to build cool things in minecraft pocket edition

Ever struggled to think of something to build in Minecraft? This is the video for you. 50 different things, projects and builds for you to work on. Lots of i…

This is my world in Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival Mode. This is my world I have created so far! Please comment and like my minecraft video. Also subscrib…

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How to Make a Cool House in Minecraft Pocket Edition

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What are some cool things to do in Minecraft?

Look up more things to do in Minecraft so you don’t get bored of the game. Minecraft is the best game ever when you unlock its secrets. Thanks! Use your imagination to create whatever you’d like! Thanks! If you find a village, spruce it up! Line the streets with colored clay, and furnish all the houses.

How do you Make Your House look good in Minecraft?

You can build a basic house that resembles your real life home or any cliché looking house. Using stairs to make a roof and avoiding pure box shapes can help a lot in making even a basic house look really nice. Build a castle. Using cobblestone or regular stone, make yourself a castle complete with dungeon.

What can you do with a tree in Minecraft?

Build a tree house. Build a giant tree and then make yourself a house that either hugs around the trunk and branches or actually fits inside the trunk itself. You can even make a whole village this way and use it to hang out with your friends. Build a Roman palace.

How to build a house underwater in Minecraft?

Build an underwater house. Using a few tricks, you can make an underwater house in Minecraft PE. Simply build the walls up to the water’s surface, fill the inside with dirt, seal the house, and then remove the dirt. Build an ultra modern house. Flex your creativity and create a super modern house.

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